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MC160-L "Bayside"

MC160-L "Bayside" Design Plans

Design Plans

Design plans are conceptual drawings, including floor plans, a roof plan, 4 elevations, and a schematic section, which can be used for planning purposes. Also included are interior elevations of all interior surfaces with cabinetry or special millwork. They show the overall design of the home, but do not include enough information to build from. They include written authorization allowing you, your architect, or your designer to complete or even modify the design as it meets your needs. Design plans are available in drawing form and in CAD files.

What's Included

Color Perspective Drawing (8 1/2"x11")

Written Authorization allowing you to complete the plans or modify them through your own resources.

Design Drawings (11"x17") Conceptual drawings to be used for planning purposes.

  • First Floor Plan (1/8" = 1'-0")
  • Second Floor Plan (1/8" = 1'-0")
  • Roof Plan (1/8" = 1'-0")
  • (4) Exterior Elevations (1/8" = 1'-0")
  • Interior Elevations (3/8" = 1'-0")
  • Schematic Building Sections (1/8" = 1'-0")
    These Drawings will not contain enough information to bid or build the home and therefore, will be stamped "Not For Construction."


  • 2 Dimensional CAD files in ArchiCAD 2009 (.pln) and AutoCAD 2009 (.dwg). Files to be delivered via CD ROM.
  • Mirror image of the above drawings

MC160-L "Bayside" What's Not Included

  • These files do not include any construction drawings.
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